The Archive

At Archive Colita Photography, our aim is to ensure the conservation, dissemination and projection of the most personal work of the great photographer Colita. It is an archive that the author has kept as her own. Another part is deposited in places such as the National Archive of Catalonia, Barcelona Municipal Archive, the Campalans Foundation, the archives of Barcelona Theatre Institute, the Film Theatre of Catalonia and the Peretti Foundation, among others. Copies of her work can also be found in such important foundations and museums as the Reina Sofía Museum, the MNAC, the MACBA, the Lafuente Archive and the Brossa Foundation.

The Archive manages a fundamental part of her work carried out over the course of 45 years. It contains negatives, slides, transparencies, artist’s copies and current copies, as well as books and a large collection of press and graphic material. It also carries out a permanent task of digitizing and restoring her work, promoting and curating exhibitions, editing and designing books and reissuing others about it, as well as ensuring its presence on the national and international gallery scene.

The trust placed by the photographer in Francesc Polop, director of the archive, friend and collaborator of over 35 years’ standing, is the basis for all kinds of complicities to develop this wonderful, inexhaustible task of giving life to the Archive Colita Photography.